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Perimeter: Emperor's Testament launches on Gamer's Gate

New York, USA (August 29, 2006) - Gamer's Gate, the online retail portal for PC games, announced today that Perimeter: Emperor's Testament, the stand-alone expansion to Perimeter has gone live available worldwide for direct download on Developed by KDV Games, this sci-fi RTS title is retailing for $19.99/19.99 and is rated Everyone 10+ by ESRB and 12+ by PEGI.

Perimeter: Emperor's Testament on Gamer's Gate:

"This title is an excellent addition to our portfolio and at $19.99 it's practically a steal", said Fredrick Wester, Director of Sales & Acquisitions at Paradox Interactive. "Players that have not made their acquaintance with Perimeter: Emperor's Testament should really take the opportunity to play the demo that was released worldwide".

In the game, the player is drawn into a battle between the Emperor and the Spirits in an action-packed science-fiction RTS environment. Key features include:

Spectacular single-player campaign consisting of 25 missions. Phenomenal storyline, which crosses multiple dimensions and allows for diverse, exciting gameplay. Dazzling graphics, with each race having visually unique buildings and units. A full soundtrack, which captures the epic, sweeping scope of the action. Multiplayer via LAN and Internet on various multiplayer maps.

A demo of the game was recently released and links as well as screenshots can be found on:

About the game

The location of the now-mythical planet Earth has long been forgotten. Decades of war between the Empire and the Harkbacks have ravaged the cosmos, but new voices are emerging that threaten them both. The sudden appearance of a "Mechanical Messiah", the discovery of parallel worlds, and the appearance of a mysterious alien race will forever change the balance of power in this part of the Multiverse. Who will claim domination?

Perimeter: Emperor's Testament transports players into an intricate and twisting storyline which plays out in multiple dimensions, where abstract worlds and complex emotions take center stage. With the same style and flair that earned widespread acclaim for the original Perimeter, KDV Games has created an adventure that starts on August 29, 2006.

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