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Siggraph's Sandbox Symposium Success

1st August. Boston USA - SIGGRAPH. Organisers hailed the first 'Sandbox Symposium' a resounding success at the start of this year's SIGGRAPH conference. The two-day 'Sandbox' was a co-located event with SIGGRAPH to discuss gaming from an academic and commercial prospective. The event was conceived in the belief that this is a huge interest in bringing the worlds of academia and commerce closer together. With over 200 attendees and a wealth of thought-provoking talks the committee clearly achieved their goal and have confirmed a similar event, on a larger scale, to be held during SIGGRAPH 07.

Highlights at this year's conference included an outspoken challenge to the games industry from Greg Costikyan of Manifesto Games, who put forward the view that modern production methods are stifling creativity. A view that was echoed in other presentations. Fortunately, Ian Shaw (CTO of EA Europe) was on hand to robustly defend the position of modern developers and in an enlightening keynote he explained how games are made, how creativity is encouraged at each step of the process, and how games technology is challenging areas such as music to re-evaluate how they work.

The game events were another highlight, particularly the first opportunity to try out Guitar Hero 2, now louder and heavier than before!

Executive Committee Member Chris Doran, CEO of Geomerics, commented "It was very encouraging to see this turn into such a success, for which many thanks must go to Drew Davidson and his committed local team. Now that the concept is proven we will be looking for a greater number of developers to attend in 2007."

For further information visit: http://www.siggraph.org/newsfeed/sandbox/

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Geomerics is currently recruiting for a range of posts. Full details can be found at www.geomerics.com/jobs.

About Geomerics

Geomerics, a Cambridge based games start-up, is focused on bringing a range of new solutions to the games industry based on their recent developments in the field of geometric algebra. Applications for this technology include lighting, physics, animation, surface modeling and path finding. More information can be found at www.geomerics.com or by e-mailing info@geomerics.com. Geomerics are actively recruiting. We are seeking technical programmers keen to join an intensely focused research team, dedicated to converting the latest mathematical advances into practical games technology. Geomerics Ltd is an ANGLE plc venture ( www.angleplc.com).

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