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GI Podcasts: Special reports from GC and GCDC

As part of our ongoing coverage of the Games Convention events in Germany this week, has published two special podcasts from the show - one from Games Convention, and one from the GC Developers Conference.

The podcasts are available from our podcast page, and subscribers to the podcast or RSS feed will already have them in their feeds.

Our first special report from GCDC focuses on Peter Molyneux' keynote at the event, which addressed the question of how combat in videogames must evolve, and includes an interview with Molyneux himself about his views on GCDC and the prototypes he showed during the keynote.

Then our Games Convention report features news and analysis from the platform holder conferences on Wednesday - including an in-depth look at what Microsoft's FIFA and PES exclusivity means for the market in the coming year, and what the impact of Sony's decision not to run a conference in Leipzig has been.

Look out for more podcasts from Games Convention in the coming days, as we recap more of the key events of the week.

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