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Glu Announces the Launch of Stranded for Mobile Phones

Consumers in Europe escape with Glu's mysterious mobile adventure

London, UK - August 8th, 2006 - Glu Mobile, a leading creator and global publisher of mobile entertainment, today announced the launch its latest mobile adventure, Stranded, which is now available to consumers throughout Europe. This epic adventure takes players away to a mysterious island where their lifeboat smashed to pieces and players are challenged to escape the island by working with other survivors and discovering hidden secrets, inhabitants and adventures.

Developed by Glu's London studio, renowned for high quality original titles such as Alpha Wing 2 and the multi-award winning Ancient Empires II, the game's unique interactive storyline incorporates a 24-hour clock that applies the actual time of day to the time in the game in order to reveal an array of surprises in different environments. As the story unravels, pieces of the puzzle emerge and players soon discover that not everyone can be trusted.

"Stranded is unlike any adventure game available for mobile," commented Kim Daniel Arthur, executive producer, EMEA, Glu Mobile. "By enabling the actual time to directly map to the time on the island, players truly have another world to discover and really get a different experience every time they play".

Features include:

· Changing tides, animals and vegetation enables gamers to discover the best time of the day to fish, hunt or grow food

· 40 different species of animals to discover; players can hunt for the rarest to complete their collection

· Upgradeable weapons and tools to help hunt, fish and explore the island

· Players can grow their own plants, vegetables and fruit, which they can eat to survive or trade with others

· Explore the island's many hidden areas including caves, mountains, beaches, forests, cliffs and more

Stranded is available through all major European network operators from August and will be available in the Americas beginning later this year. For more information visit

For PR enquiries or to review Stranded contact:

Emma Brown

Glu Mobile

+ 44 (0)161 827 8194

+ 44 0791 733 2923

About Glu Mobile

Glu Mobile is a leading developer and global publisher of mobile entertainment. Glu's portfolio of games, ringtones, wallpapers and information applications include both original titles and entertainment based on major brands including Atari, Cartoon Network, FOX Sports Interactive, Hasbro, PopCap Games, Twentieth Century Fox and Celador International. Based in San Mateo, California with offices in London and Hong Kong, Glu is funded by top venture firms NEA, BA Venture Partners, Granite Global Ventures, Sienna Ventures and Globespan Capital Partners, and by Time Warner Investments. Consumers can find fresh entertainment created exclusively for their mobile phones wherever they see the 'g' character logo or at

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