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Gamer's Gate announced today the world premiere of "Sword of the Stars"!

"Sword of the Stars" is the eagerly awaited space strategy sim from Kerberos Productions and gamers will be able to obtain their own copy of the title almost a full week before it ships to stores. The launch will occur on Gamer's Gate at 00:00 GMT on August 17th.

About the game:

Take Control and build the ultimate empire in "Sword of the Stars". In classic 4X style, prepare to explore mysterious star systems, claim planets to expand your empire, exploit your resources, then design and build your own bigger, faster, stronger ships to exterminate your enemies in epic, tactical, 3-D battles.

Core Features:

- 4 playable races with unique skills and techs

- A multitude of technologies starships and weapons

- Real time 3d Combat

- Multiplayer for up to 8 player via LAN or Internet

In a universe where weakness means extinction - are YOU ready to wield the "Sword of the Stars"?

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