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Break the sound barrier with the GEAR4 SonicBoom™

The new 2.1 home stereo speaker system and charger for PlayStation Portable ®

For immediate release

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In 1947, Chuck Yeager, Captain in the US Air Force, became the first man to reach the speed of sound in his Bell X-1 rocket plane. Nearly 60 years later, GEAR4 is proud to equip a new generation of PSP users to break the sound barrier once again with the launch of the SonicBoom: an innovative high-performance speaker system designed specifically for the PSP.

It's a small system, but it packs a big audio punch. The GEAR4 SonicBoom compact 2.1 stereo speaker system uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver truly awesome sounds from your PSP or other MP3 players.

Say goodbye to the low-quality, low-volume experience of the PSP's internal audio - plug in to the SonicBoom's high-defnition room-filling output. Use as a conventional speaker system, by docking your PSP or connecting your MP3 player and soaking up high-definition room-filling tunes or movie audio from its unique sub-woofer ActiveBass technology.

Alternatively, users can enjoy the PSP in full gaming mode via the two-metre-long 'FreeStyle' cable connectors enabling them to lie back and play remotely. Either way, the SonicBoom delivers a new level in audio experience whilst charging the PSP at the same time.

Retailing at £49.99, the SonicBoom is simply the best sounding PSP speaker money can buy. And with the compatibility to accept iPods, MP3 players, laptops and any other sound source which uses normal headphone outputs, the SonicBoom is versatile enough to work with a whole range of home audio equipment.

"This is an essential piece of kit for serious PSP users," said Charlie James on the Digital Gaming Review website. "The PSP's internal speakers are very tinny and just don't match the quality of gaming that is available on this system. With the SonicBoom, the sound is just mind-blowing - the power and clarity of the bass stand out and the games really come to life. At this price, it's well worth the investment."

Tom Dudderidge, Managing Director of Disruptive Technology Channels, said: "We were just blown away when we heard the SonicBoom for the first time - hence the name! We're certain that there isn't a better home stereo speaker system designed for the PSP on the market. And at under fifty pounds, we think it's going to be a big seller in the slow build up to Christmas. Try it out - you won't be disappointed!"

SonicboomTM - The Sonic Boom is a hi-tech, high-performance speaker system designed specifically for the PlayStation Portable (also compatible with iPods and other MP3 players). Its unique sub-woofer ActiveBass technology and stereo speakers provide room-filling crystal-clear sound so you can transform your PSP audio experience and break the sound barrier.

Features and benefits

Features - Benefits

2.4W per channel from 2 x speakers and 9.6W from 1 x sub-woofer - Advanced speaker system provides high-definition room-filling sound

ActiveBass technology - Clarity, volume and depth to create an awesome bass experience

Docking station and 'FreeStyle' cable connectors - PSP fits securely into SonicBoom or use remotely up to 2 metres away via cable connectors

Charge-and-listen - PSP charges while you are using Sonic Boom

Multi-system compatibility - Play music from your iPod, laptop, home computer or any other MP3 system on the Sonic Boom

What's in the box

Speaker system and docking station, mains transformer, FreeStyle connecting cables, user manual

For further information, or to request NFR units for review, please do not hesitate to contact

Pricing and availability

The GEAR4 SonicBoomTM will be available from all GEAR4 retailers and resellers. For a list of these, please visit

The SonicBoomTM will also be available globally from GEAR4's online store -

SonicBoomTM - £49.99 inc VAT

About GEAR4 -

Launched in 2006, GEAR4 is a range of consumer technology accessories for the iPod and other digital devices. The new range and brand has been developed from PodGear, the successful UK-based brand of iPod accessories that was formed in 2004 by Disruptive Technology Channels.

The GEAR4 range includes accessories for the iPod and other digital devices; products such as mobile speakers, chargers, protective cases, cables and much more. GEAR4 is Europe's No.1 home-grown iPod accessory brand and aims to emulate this success within other digital product sectors such as gaming and telecommunications.

The company prides itself on manufacturing the most innovative, stylish and exciting digital accessories available on the market. The accessories are tailored to the whole of the iPod range with expansion planned. Sleek and chic, GEAR4 provides essential equipment for the iPod generation to help you 'Free Your Tunes'.

GEAR4's products are already available in Europe's leading IT and Consumer Electronics retailers, to find out more go to

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