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Juniper Games – Updated Demo and Free Development File

Press Release

YORK, UK (August 15, 2006)

Game developer, Juniper Games, is pleased to announce that an updated demo version of the PC game "Mr. Smoozles Goes Nutso" is available to anyone who wishes to sample this delightful game for themselves.

Covering the initial stages of the game, this demo has very addictive gameplay that will give the player a great taste of what's in store for the full game and yet holding back so much more to still be discovered.

Also available, for those interested in how the game was put together, is the Game Maker development file (requiring the Game Maker software) for the demo section of the game.

To obtain a copy of the demo or the game file, please visit the downloads page on the Juniper Games website: http://www.juniper-games.com/smoozles/downloads.htm

About Mr. Smoozles Goes Nutso

"Mr. Smoozles Goes Nutso" is fun arcade adventure in the best gaming tradition and based upon the online comic strip, Mr. Smoozles. The Goragons have invaded the Earth, zapped Mr. Smoozles with their mind ray and are trying to distort the whole fabric of reality.

Play as Ed as he strives to avoid Mr. Smoozles and various other dangers, tries to solve numerous puzzles and interacts with nearly fifty other fun characters.

Will Ed defeat the Goragons, free his friends, restore Mr. Smoozles' mind and bring the world back to normal?! And the biggest challenge - will Ed save his valuable collection of Geeks Monthly?! Well, of course he will - with your help!

About Juniper Games

Juniper Games was founded by Steve Ince, formerly of Revolution Software where, among many other things, he was writer and lead designer on the acclaimed game, "Broken Sword - The Sleeping Dragon".

Juniper Games has a number of projects in the pipeline, including "Mekapods" and "Juniper Crescent - The Sapphire Claw" and is committed to creating fun, character driven games.

Additional details can be found at the Juniper Games website: www.juniper-games.com

Juniper Games can be contacted on info@juniper-games.com

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