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New Barrow Hill screenshots released

Haarlem, The Netherlands, August 3rd 2006 - Publisher Lighthouse Interactive today released 11 suspenseful and mysterious screenshots to prepare gamers for the chilling European release of its upcoming adventure game "Barrow Hill: Curse of the Ancient Circle".

About Barrow Hill

Developed for PC by UK based development studio Shadow Tor, Barrow Hill is a supernatural adventure set in the eerie landscape of Cornwall. In the game the player has one night, the powerful Autumn Equinox, to find out what lurks beneath the ancient burial mound of Barrow Hill...things that would have better been left undisturbed perhaps.

In Barrow Hill archaeology meets adventure, as danger lurks in the ancient forests around you. You will explore an ancient stone monument from the time of the Celtic people and practice ancient rituals and ceremonies, almost forgotten to modern man. Barrow Hill, a thrilling and creepy adventure, brought to you on DVD-Rom.

For more info about Barrow Hill or Lighthouse Interactive, please visit www.lighthouse-interactive.com or email us at pr@lighthouse-interactive.com

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