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Halcyon adds a personal touch to mobile gaming

MyPersonalGame.com offers user-generated gaming content

Romanian mobile phone applications developer Halcyon MD has announced the launch of MyPersonalGame.com, a new service which enables mobile phone users to upload personal images for automatic insertion into a free mobile game.

Using a simple and intuitive interface - both basic and advanced versions of which are free to use - mobile gamers can upload any image they like to create a simple 'target practice' Java game, which can then be downloaded directly to their handset.

Installation is either via a WAP link, or the game can be downloaded to a PC and transferred to the handset via Bluetooth, Infrared or USB cable.

The portal currently offers a basic wizard, implementing a single image from the user's PC, as well as an advanced wizard that enables multiple images to be uploaded and changes the dynamic of the gameplay.

Each new personal game can be emailed to a friend as a personalised e-gift, and Halcyon is currently developing the service to include a professional wizard with enhanced features, which is likely to carry a small charge for consumers to access and utilise.

Further information on the innovative new portal can be found by visiting www.mypersonalgame.com, or Halcyon's company website.

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