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It's DS Dino-Tastic Fun!

Yoshi's Island Launches across Europe on the Nintendo DS

23rd August 2006 - Prepare yourself for your biggest egg-venture this Christmas as Yoshi bounds onto the Nintendo DS in his latest adventure! Yoshi and his island may be a blast from the past but our favourite dinosaur is back this Christmas to take on an all-new challenge and save the island's kidnapped school kids, with the help of his three baby sidekicks. Yoshi's Island 2 (temporary title) launches across Europe exclusively on the Nintendo DS on 1st December 2006.

Yoshi's Island 2 (temp) is the long awaited and official sequel to Yoshi's Island, the hugely popular classic, first released on the SNES in 1996. Players return to the colourful wilds of Yoshi's Island in this 2D platform adventure and are taken on an exciting journey of ultimate Nintendo fun. When local children are kidnapped from his island, it is up to our hero, with the help of Baby Mario, Baby Peach and the cute Baby Donkey Kong, to come to the rescue. But whilst on his quest, Yoshi must also protect the three babies from the island's villains by swallowing enemies or shooting eggs.

All three superstar babies can help Yoshi in his quest to save the school children. With Baby Mario on his back, Yoshi can run much faster and avoid falling platforms. Baby Princess Peach adds more than just a delicate touch - her umbrella is not just a fashion accessory but allows Yoshi to float among the clouds and reach higher levels. Baby Donkey Kong will always swing into action when needed, reaching places other characters can't.

But the challenge doesn't stop with just protecting and rescuing babies. Each level contains a whole host of hidden unlockables and secrets to be found by the intrepid explorer. Players can achieve a higher score by finding three well hidden flowers and stars per stage and along with finding new levels and rare red coins, there's a whole lot more to be discovered. The vast worlds of Yoshi's Island 2 (temp) fully span across the dual screen of the Nintendo DS, with the adventure taking place from deep within the dangerous caves to floating up high into the sky. It's Yoshi's ultimate adventure so far!

Yoshi's Island 2 (temp) will bounce onto the Nintendo DS across Europe from 1st December 2006 for an estimated retail price of around £30. Just in time for Christmas.

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