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Pretty sharp at computer games? Think you could design one better?

For immediate release

You could have your chance with the exciting and innovative MA in Digital Games Design now on offer from the University College for the Creative Arts at Canterbury, Epsom, Farnham, Maidstone and Rochester and the opportunity to apply for an assisted place with the Digital Media Training Initiative (bdmti) starting in September 2006.

Taking an initial proposal to a playable prototype, students will study all aspects of game design including animation, scripting and interaction design.

Housed within one of the UK's most prestigious specialist art and design institutions, and offered in conjunction with funding from the European Social Fund, the course (based at Farnham, Surrey) aims to serve the future of an evolving and expanding computer games industry. It will equip students with the skills and competences to enter the games industry today, and the vision and temperament to make a significant contribution to the way the industry and the medium moves forward tomorrow.

These limited assisted places aim to develop a more culturally diverse and gender balanced computer games talent base and workforce and are available for the September 2006 intake.

Further details of the course are available from

For further information on assisted places and the BDMTI project, please contact Jenny Crawford on 01252 892838 or or visit:

Notes to Editors

The MA in Digital Games Design focus is on game design, and students are given the opportunity to develop their own game project from initial proposal to a fully realised game design document, culminating in the production of an advanced playable prototype. The programme offers the opportunity to acquire a deep understanding of all the main disciplines involved in the game development process, including master classes in all aspects of game design, story theory, character development, narrative environments, level design, event and behaviour scripting, game structure, control schemes, UI and interaction design. This is complemented by express courses in computer visualisation, 3D modelling and animation and an introduction to game programming and scripting languages.

In addition, students are encouraged to consider the social, cultural and demographic implications of the medium in general and their own work in particular, aided by a series of lectures in historical, theoretical and contextual studies, including analysis and presentation of current industry output and future trends. This is a unique opportunity for emerging talent to play its part in filling what many see as substantial creative gaps in the commercial game development sector, by exploring new genres, ideas and approaches to theme, subject, diversity, story, content and design.

Applicants for the MA are drawn from a wide variety of academic backgrounds, including animation, fine art, design, architecture, scriptwriting, journalism, computer science and other equally diverse disciplines. Imagination, vision and passion for the future creative possibilities of digital games as a medium are prerequisite. A good first degree, or equivalent, is usually required. Further details of the course are available from

The assisted places are offered in association with the Business and Digital Media Training Initiative (BDMTI) project which is being run by UCCA with joint funding from the European Social Fund. These places are specifically aimed at supporting recruitment of minority groups into the Digital Media industry. For further information on assisted places, please contact Jenny Crawford on 01252 892838 or

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