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Second lap for Kaido Racer

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH fine-tunes sequel to Genki's action-packed mountain racer

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH is to return to the mountain racing scene as Kaido Racer 2 for PlayStation 2 is polished in preparation of an October release.

Kaido Racer 2 focuses on the exciting mountain racing scene, wherein night time races are held by Japanese car enthusiasts. Kaido Racer 2 tells of a new tournament where the current champion has vanished, leaving a host of pretenders to contest his crown. Thus, a series of teams comprising amateur and professional racers gather to battle it out atop the winding mountain passes.

Spanning 19 tough courses, Kaido Racer 2 features a clever mix of long and short circuits each faithfully modeled from known venues. Developers Genki have used a special laser technique to perfectly recreate mountain circuits, while changing weather ensures that each must be tackled differently to counter the wet, icy or dry conditions. During the course of a race, the weather will also change from sunny to flash storms, with puddles pooling as the heavens open! Similarly, the tracks also feature different surfaces that affect the handling of the cars, including gravel that shifts and kicks up dust as the cars slide across it. Further hazards also come in the form of road works, with familiar locations being altered between and between races.

Kaido Racer 2 also expands the numbers of cars on offer. As players gather to compete, over 180 cars from 16 manufacturers can be selected including cars from various Japanese and European car manufacturers, and including a selection of rally cars designed to make the most of the more rugged circuits. The cars can also be personalised, with a full custom mode allowing users to alter everything from the shape of the wings on the cars, exhausts, motifs and lights. The engines can also be fully tweaked, with option to alter the pistons, cam shafts, and cranks to add acceleration and power to the player's personal taste.

In keeping with Kaido Racer 2's basis in competitive racing, the game features a wealth of tournament modes. Two players can compete against each other in 'First and Last', 'Time Attack' and 'Spirit Point' battles wherein players must beat either an opponent or the clock, while the main single-player option invites players to take on the 'Conquest Mode' as they attempt to become the new champion on the Kaido circuit.

The sequel also features a new 'Record Tour' mode, where the rally sequences form the focus of a challenge to produce the best lap times across 11 pre-selected tracks.

With a self-adapting difficulty level that adjusts to match the player's prowess, and genuine rivalry between the rival teams via a special communications network, Kaido Racer 2 is a frenetic racing game designed to test the very best racers. The tight corners of the mountain passes and the unpredictable weather demand concentration from the player, and only the most skilful drivers will make the grade and stand a chance of replacing the missing champion.


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Kaido Racer 2 will be released for PlayStation 2 in October.

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