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working-title announces Three Warriors

REGENSBURG, August 1st, 2006 - working-title, one of Germany's leading gaming outlets, announces today the development of 'Three Warriors', an innovative epic Role-Playing Game developed by Fulda based studio NewVen. working-title is going to release 'Three Warriors' in fall 2007 online for the PC and is in talks with a couple of potential partners to get 'Three Warriors' onto store shelves, as well. Stephan Lindner, CEO of working-title, sees the publishing of 'Three Warriors' as the next logical step for the company: "From the beginning our creed was to reward innovation and braveness in game development. Therefore, we are extremely happy to secure publishing rights for 'Three Warriors' which will perfectly complete our gaming outlet." Martin Newer, found of NewVen, also looks forward to the cooperation: "Working together with working-title is a great chance for us, because we know that they understand our game and will do everything to show it a great public."

About 'Three Warriors':

'Three Warriors' is an epic Roleplaying-Game in which the player takes control of three different characters: Three holy warriors who have to protect the world against a threatening apocalypse. Different from usual RPGs is the fact that 'Three Warriors' plays in three timezones: One warrior fights in the medieval, one in the present and one in the future. The special thing about the game is that every warrior can get into cyberspace for a short period of time in which he can change his environment. An example: The forces of evil hunt our hero through a building. He flees, gets outside and open a portal to cyberspace. Here, he can build in seconds a wall in front of the building's door and such is safe when he returns to the real world. But careful! Many of the locations aren't only visited by one but two or even all three warriors -- and every change in cyberspace lasts forever. Nevertheless, there will be a solution to every problem, of course.

'Three Warriors' is played from the first-person-perspective and uses a modern 3D engine which has been developed by NewVen themselves. Attached you find three early screenshots showing an example of how changing the world via cyberspace works. Please notice that these screenshots have been taken from an early tech-demo and do not represent the quality of the final product.

A teaser-website of 'Three Warrios' can be found at, the official (German) message board is online at

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