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The Game Factory announces Cartoon Network Racing for PlayStation 2 and Nintendo DS

The Game Factory announces the launch of Cartoon Network Racing for PlayStation 2 and Nintendo DS, scheduled for release October 2006.

Cartoon Network's most popular characters, including The Powerpuff Girls and Johnny Bravo, go under starter's orders as they battle it out to become the Cartoon Network Racing champion in this exciting fast-paced, hi-action arcade racing game.

Players are immersed in the wild and wacky world of Cartoon Network where they can race as one of their favourite cartoon characters. Choose to race from The Powerpuff Girls, Johnny Bravo, Dexter's Laboratory, Cow and Chicken, Courage the Cowardly Dog and I.M. Weasel, with each character adopting unique Toon Powers*. Gamers must chose tactically: make the wrong choice, and it could cost them the race in the fight to cross the finish line first.

Cartoon Network Racing provides gamers with endless hours of fun with 24* different racing circuits for players to zoom round. Racing zones include Spooky Mine and the Theme Park, plus -show-themed- locations such as Dexter's Laboratory and the Aron City. Players can enjoy the game alone in single player mode, or go head-to-head with an opponent or race as driver and co-driver in the two-player mode.

As drivers compete through the increasingly difficult levels, they must keep their wits about them to both collect essential power-ups and eliminate their rivals as they race towards the final lap and the coveted chequered flag.

Appealing to boys and girls of all ages, there are a number of special key features to this game, both for PlayStation 2 and Nintendo DS formats.

PlayStation 2 highlights:

· All environments are interactive - a revolutionary concept in driving games!

· There are 12 Themed Tracks and six Show Tracks with a total of 24 routes

· Single player game modes include Quick Race, Tournament and Cartoon Eliminator

· Multiplayer modes include Quick Race, Battle, Kart Kurling, Cartoon Eliminator, Toon Cup Collection, MINE MINE MINE, Bomb-Bastic and Co-Op

· There are also non-race modes which include six multiplayer Battle Arenas

· Players can replay any tournament to improve their own Start Rating score

Nintendo DS highlights:

· 16 race courses based upon Cartoon Network-themed settings.

· Four main Game Modes to choose from: Championship, Time Trial, Versus and Bonus Games.

· Players can use hard-earned Toon Coins to buy things such as new characters, upgrades and bonus games in the Kart-Toon Store.

· Three Bonus Games - all using the Nintendo DS stylus and touch screen.

· Play with up to eight friends using the wireless multiplayer feature.

For PlayStation 2 only.

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