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Winx spreads its wings

More magical adventures from Konami as Winx Club returns to Game Boy Advance and heads to PSP™ and Nintendo DS™ for the first time

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has announced three new magical Winx Club titles, with Bloom and her fairy friends spreading their wings and taking the good fight to PSP (PlayStation®Portable) and Nintendo DS for the first time, and will also be returning to GameBoy Advance.

The new games come as Winx Club continues to go from strength to strength, with Bloom and her friends enjoying a second series of adventures on TV. Konami will release all three games in November, with Winx Club: Join the Club for PSP and Winx Club: The Quest for the Codex for the Nintendo DS heralding their first appearance for the formats and allowing the user to cast fabulous spells and enjoy fast paced mini-games in a world of fashion, glamour and friendship.

Drawing players into a new adventure, Winx Club: Join the Club for the PSP follows the fabulous fairies as they try to thwart the plans of the fearsome Lord Darkar. Hungry for power, Darkar is searching for the four pieces of a mysterious emblem that will grant him incredible magical powers. Called into action from the Alfea School, the Winx Club must secure the pieces of the emblem before Darkar can complete his frightening plot.

Join the Club lets players take full control of the Winx Club, choosing to embark on the story-based adventure or enjoy mini-games based on obstacle courses, spell casting and skiing. After each activity, players can return to their dorm room to decorate it with accessories, trophies and pets that they have obtained, imparting their own sense of style to the room. Players can also trade items via local wireless connection to get accessories and outfits that will make their room or character look just right.

Similarly, Winx Club: The Quest for the Codex for the Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance follows the girls as they interact with friends and villains and travel to magical locations such as the Alfea School, Cloud Tower and Red Fountain. In the Nintendo DS version of the game, players will experience the game's story through a series of horizontally-scrolling flying segments, using their magical powers to blast enemies and to clear obstacles.


Players use the touch screen to switch between characters mid-game and must use each character's unique abilities to solve puzzles and defeat opponents. In between the action, players can access character-specific mini-games and also design new clothing patterns to share with friends through a local wireless connection.

In the Game Boy Advance version, the girls must stop the nefarious Lord Darkar before he takes over the universe through mini-games that affect the flow of the game's storyline. Each girl is set her own unique mini-games and can call on her friends to for help by collecting Secret Charmix items throughout the game. Players can also unlock different outfits for their Magic Closet to wear and trade with friends through the Game Boy Advance Link Cable, by achieving high scores in each mini-game.


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Winx Club: Join the Club for PSP (PlayStation®Portable) and Winx Club: The Quest for the Codex for Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance will be released in November.

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