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Video Arcade Extreme Exhibit

Technology Exhibit in development to show the best of amusement

August 7, 2006 - London, United Kingdom - A consortium of leading developers of arcade-style video games and allied media outlets have announced plans for a state-of-the-art, interactive mobile exhibit (the Virtual Arcade Experience) that combines a museum retrospective of the history of arcade video games, with a showcase for tomorrow's technologies and their applications to the Out-Of-Home entertainment industry.

The exhibit, to be known as the 'Virtual Arcade Experience' (VAE), will combine education and entertainment in a dynamic, hands-on fashion. VAE will also be available as an exciting venue for corporate events, parties, and private meetings. This is the first time any comparable arcade game and technology exhibit has operated on such a dual-use basis. VAE is tentatively slated to for a preview to a museum function late this year. A public debut is anticipated for London, followed by a series of International appearances for the exhibit.

The concept for VAE, under development for several years, is the first of its kind to have solicited information from official trade entities and developers', VAR also looks towards future support from the industry. VAE's sponsors enjoy exclusive access to both private collections and game developers' laboratories.

The "living history" portion of VAE will display a colorful mixture of highly-prized, classic machines, supported by extensive historical narratives incorporated in game terminals and illustrated signage of their development, concept and social impact. The target audience includes the 30-somethings who have nostalgic memories of classic 1980s video arcades, and their children who are the potential visitors to tomorrow's hi-tech entertainment centers.

Adding to the exhibit's interactive fun will be futuristic components that visitors can operate themselves. Among them: the 'VAE Machine Wall' and 'VAE Arcade Jukebox'. All this interactivity supported by smart card architecture for a personalized visitor experience.

The 'VAE Machine Wall' will be the first growing database of classic amusement machines, using next-generation video projection and interactive processing technology to offer a projected wall display that guests at the VAE can interact with searching for their favorite arcade game machine, or checking machines released on a particular date. To support the Machine Wall, VAE will include game terminals throughout the exhibit that will allow various versions of specialized machines to be accessed and played on the 'VAE Arcade Jukebox'.

Negotiations are presently underway for sighting VAE's first stop at a London entertainment venue - with a Californian opportunity under evaluation. In addition, the hi-tech museum element of VAE will be presented to the first interested parties at a coming Museum Association gathering near the end of the year. KWP Limited, a consulting firm that specializes in past and future developments in Out-Of-Home entertainment, has been commissioned to represent the concept negotiations internationally (and should be contacted directly regarding further details: )

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Bio: KWP Limited

Founded in 2004, KWP Limited represents the Out-of-Home leisure entertainment industries growing consultancy service specializing in the interactive entertainment field. Run by well known industry personality Kevin Williams, the service focuses on market research, development direction and product marketing in the amusement and attraction industry. KWP has attracted a steady list of clients - also an extensive columnist for the leading FREE trade publications in the sector; also owning the industry e-newsletter The Stinger Report. ( - +44(0) 7785 254 729

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