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Quest of Persia: ROG Trailer Released

'Quest of Persia II - Revenge of Ghajar' trailer has been released:

About Quest of Persia

Quest of Persia is a video game that was released in September 2005. It was developed and published by Iranian studio Puya Arts.


Quest of Persia: The End of Innocence

The Story begins with Iraq attacking Iran from air, sea and land. Arashk who is an engineer working in Petrochemical plant, gets caught in the attacks, and has to escape the factory while it's burning into ashes. He meets Leyla an archeologist who is working in the desert. She is trying to find out the secrets of Ancient Persian Sites.

Together they have to fight the Iraqi Invasion army, while trying to solve the mystery of Ancient Sites. Arashk and Leyla find a manuscript which provides them with information about secrets of Ancient Persian Sites.

It gives them a clue about the famous battle of Agha Mohammad Khan Ghajar and Lotfali Khan Zand

Quest of Persia: Revenge of Ghajar

After Leyla and Arashk find out, that the clue to the Secret of Ancient Persian Sites is in Arg-e-Bam (In the Prequel Game "The End of Innocence"), they travel to the city of Bam. But before they reach the city, they get into a fight with smugglers who control the desert outside the city. They escape into the Arg-e-Bam were Arashk finds a shining light which takes him back to 17th century.

The main part of the story happens in 17th century when the "Ghajar King" controls the north and central part of Iran. After Lotfali Khan Zand has been berated by his minister Ebrahim Kalantar and loses his capital "Shiraz", he escapes to Kerman, in order to defend his crown from behind strong Kerman walls. "Ghajar King" gathers a huge army and siege the city for 8 months.

Ghajar army attack the city while people of Kerman were dying from hunger whcih caused by the long siege of the city, and they manage to breach the Kerman walls. Arashk will help Lotfali khan Zand in the fight aganist the invasion army.

Eventually Loftali Khan Zand with a help of trusted friends, and Arashk manages to break through the ghajar army and make his way into city of Bam, in hope of support from Governor of Bam

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