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Torque Game Builder 1.1.1 Now Available!

Just over a month since the release of TGB 1.1.0, GarageGames is proud to present the first in a long line of updates, sporting many improvements and some new functionality! The following items are new and improved in the 1.1.1 point release:

Tile Layer Editing in the Level Builder

Tile Layers are now editable and viewable from within the LevelBuilder! This means that you can drop a tile layer on a scene and use either the quickedit or the right-most widget on the object to edit it. There are a variety of tools that you can use for editing your tile layers and you can save them off as different names, add scripting, assign collision polygons, and more.

Editor Add-On Support

Resources have been expanded upon to allow drop-in add-on functionality to the Level Builder and tools set. This means that if you've got a modification you've made to the Level Builder that is all script you can easily give it to your friends and they can then instantly use your cool add-on the next time they start TGB. All currently active add-ons are listed in the about dialog for TGB.

Layer Y-Sorting Support for Isometric Games

Layers may now have a sorting mode assigned to each of them, including sorting by Y and -Y axes. This allows you to do isometric style games where a player may need to at times be rendered in front of or behind an object depending on his Y position and the sort point for his object. The sorting modes for each layer may be changed by clicking on the scenegraph (on no objects) and in the "Layer Management" rollout.

UI/Workflow improvements

With 1.1.1 we tried to take the UI and make it a bit more friendly, cleaning up screen space, introducing a new button appearance, and linking the play preview to the design resolution.

And Much More!

You can find a full changelist here:

More information on Torque Game Builder can be found here:

Thanks to our amazing community for all of their support and encouragement. We hope you like the new version!

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