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RTZ sinks its teeth into mobile gaming

Drakulin, son of Dracula mobile game announced

Spanish mobile entertainment developer RTZ Interactive has announced the launch of a new game designed to give mobile gamers more bite for their buck, as they sink their teeth into the adventures of Drakulin, son of Dracula.

Available in both 2D and 3D versions to ensure maximum coverage and compatibility with as wide a range of modern handsets as possible, the game features 100 beautifully rendered full screen levels as gamers work their way through the spooky castle chambers.

The aim of the game is to ensure young Drakulin gets to his coffin before first light, and each new chamber will present an increasingly difficult challenge for the player. Learn to make best use of special walls, doors, mystic arrows , keys, crucifixes, ramps, pressure pads, walkways, movable blocks, magic view-points and of course, Drakulin's trusted friend, Egor.

The addictive puzzle-based gameplay includes six difficulty levels with additional revenue opportunities from a "send me the solution" MMS service, simple and intuitive one-hand controls, detailed and fully textured environments and a compelling character based narrative.

Further information on the little vampire and his mobile adventure can be found by visiting

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