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New from Xing Mobile: Bubu Kong's Bath Time

Xing Mobile announce the next installment in the Bubu Kong, Super Nanat and Alyssa franchise called "Bubu Kong's Bath Time". Alyssa is trying to have a quiet swim in her rubber pool and Super Nanat is responsible to keep the water level constant so she doesn't run out of water or gets washed out of the pool by a flood. Bubu Kong namely tries to help Super Nanat by adding water and scooping it out but his undeveloped brain just makes him do this at random (hey he's just a monkey afterall!). On top of that there are naughty monkeys which throw bananas at Super Nanat and Bubu Kong to make them slip on (yes, wait for it...! ) a banana peel. So the challenge is actually quite big for Super Nanat and you need both your thumbs to get through this game unchaved.

Bubu Kong's Bath Time runs on all MIDP-2 phones with a 176x208 screen size. If you are interested in distributing this title or any of Xing Mobile's 55 other proprietary mobile games then please contact Alex de Vries at For more information regarding Xing Mobile and its products please visit

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