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NetEase launches Worlds Untold

Mass Effect dev Mac Walters to lead new remote studio working on AAA action-adventures with narrative emphasis

NetEase has added yet another studio to its development roster with today's unveiling of Worlds Untold, a new studio led by former BioWare developer Mac Walters.

While the studio is headquartered in Vancouver, Worlds Untold is billed as a fully remote studio, and it will work on "AAA action-adventure games with an emphasis on narrative and worldbuilding."

Walters will serve as CEO of Worlds Untold, bringing with him a wealth of experience from nearly 20 years at BioWare, where he was lead writer on Mass Effect 2 and 3, narrative director on Anthem, creative director on Mass Effect Andromeda, and most recently production director on the Dragon Age franchise.

"We're creating incredible and meaningful stories that we believe are best told and experienced through play," Walters said. "We are starting by crafting worlds that we all dream of discovering and then will put the player in the leading role of the most unforgettable adventures.

"The team at NetEase Games shares our vision and passion to utilize leading edge technology to create the best possible new games. Their teams' support and creative freedom affords us the opportunity to deliver on that vision."

Worlds Untold already has a number of veterans on board, including audio director Sotaro Tojima, head of production Elizabeth Lehtonen, head of art Ramil Sunga, and head of technology Ben Goldstein.

While many companies across the industry have been tightening the belt this year, NetEase has been aggressively expanding.

It started the year by acquiring Halo Infinite co-developer SkyBox Labs, and followed that up by launching Spliced, Anchor Point Studios, Bad Brain Game Studios, PinCool, T-Minus Zero Entertainment, and Fantastic Pixel Castle.

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