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GameMaker offers more free options for non-commercial use

Platform also rolls out a one-time fee for commercial license use instead of a recurring subscription

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GameMaker has announced that it will be free for non-commercial use on all non-console platforms.

The company also said that it is rolling out a one-time fee commercial license for the 2D game engine, which will replace its present creator/indie subscription model/service/price.

The engine maker attributed the decision to saying thank you to its user base, which it said has increased threefold.

Russell Kay, head of GameMaker, said, "We have seen other platforms making awkward moves with their pricing and terms, so we thought, what if we did the opposite, something that could actually be good for developers? Our success is measured by the number of people making games!"

Kay added that there will be no changes for console developers within the announcement, and its enterprise subscription will stay the same.

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