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Fishlabs to downsize by 50 roles

The decision adds to the ongoing list of those affected by Embracer Group's restructuring program

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Plaion, a subsidiary of Embracer Group, has announced that Fishlabs studio will see around 50 job cuts.

The announcement said that attempts were made to avoid layoffs.

However, the financial backing of the studio's Project Black and lack of approval could not curtail the decision.

Fishlabs will continue to co-create projects in partnership with Embracer subsidiaries and Plaion.

"Each individual at our Fishlabs studio has been more than just a team member; they've been a vital part of our creative journey, bringing not only their skills but also passion and dedication to every project," said Plaion vice president of worldwide studios and talent Lars Janssen.

The downsizing decision that took place at Fishlabs is a part of Embracer's ongoing restructuring plan announced back in July.

Check out's feature with Embracer's Phil Rogers as he discusses the firm's goals and progress following the dismissal of over 900 staffers.

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