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Rovio releases inclusive game development and marketing guide

The resources offers directions on creating more accessible titles, inclusive narratives, and diverse user research

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Rovio has published a games industry guide for inclusive game development and marketing.

The free playbook offers actionable lists, how-to guides on accessibility, diverse narratives, and harmful stereotypes in gaming.

It also offers guidance on building diverse user research, player safety, and an inclusive workforce.

Rovio's guide was created with the collective feedback of its staffers.

"There are no simple hacks or shortcuts to building diverse and inclusive games; it all starts with building diverse and inclusive game companies," said Rovio Chief sustainability officer Heini Kaihu.

"We want this to be a new conversation starter for the industry in need of self-reflection, so we're encouraging both our employees and the wider gaming community to reflect, engage in conversations with people from various backgrounds, and challenge their own perceptions."

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