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Epic Games unveils voice reporting in Fortnite

Reports will remain anonymous, and the feature will be enabled by default for minors

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Epic Games has announced a new voice reporting feature for Fortnite.

When enabled, it will record the last five minutes of chat audio on a rolling basis.

The firm said, "This means only the immediate last five minutes of audio is reportable. As new audio is captured, any previous audio that's more than five minutes old is automatically deleted."

Users can submit audio samples as evidence of actions violating community guidelines.

Recordings will be sent to moderators for review afterward, automatically deleted after fourteen days or for the length of processing. User reports will also remain anonymous.

Voice reporting will automatically be enabled for Fortnite players under 18. Minors who do not wish to have their voice chat audio captured must mute themselves or turn off voice chat entirely.

Guardians will also be able to manage the audio chat permissions as well using Epic's parental controls.

Fortnite's voice reporting joins Xbox, Unity, and Activision Blizzard as gaming platforms that have added a new audio moderation feature.

Correction: This article previously stated minors could turn the voice reporting feature off. We have clarified that they can turn off their own audio or the voice chat if they do not wish to be recorded.

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