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Remedy's upcoming free-to-play title Vanguard to become premium

Multiplayer project's codename changed to Kestrel

Remedy has changed its previously free-to-play multiplayer title into a paid game.

Announced on Monday, Remedy explained that discussions with its publishing partner Tencent had led to the decision, which will also see the title's codename change from Vanguard to Kestrel.

"Due to uncertainties in creating a successful game to the rapidly changing free-to-play market and associated risks, the parties have discussed a new direction for the game project," the developer said.

Remedy also revealed that the game has "reached the end of its proof-of-concept phase" due to this evaluation.

Part of Vanguard's former team will move to other ongoing projects, such as the sequel to Control and remakes of Max Payne 1 and 2, while "the core leadership and select members" will focus on developing Kestrel.

"We have made some great strides in free-to-play and multiplayer development in Vanguard," said Remedy's CEO Tero Virtala. "After a lot of careful consideration, we believe that taking on a new direction where the game will be built more around Remedy's core competences is the right way to go."

He continued: "We are creating another distinct Remedy game with Tencent's continued support in making a great cooperative multiplayer experience."

In May 2021, Tencent acquired a 3.8% stake in Remedy. Later that year, Remedy signed a global agreement with Tencent as its publishing partner to develop Vanguard.

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