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Bandai Namco names Nintendo-focused team Studio 2 and Studio S

The development studio has collaborated with Nintendo on games like Smash Bros and Mario Kart

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Bandai Namco has unveiled Studio 2 and Studio S, a new internal development studio that will collaborate with Nintendo on game projects.

The cohort of developers has been working on commissioned Nintendo projects for some time now; their credits include Nintendo Switch games Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Mario Kart 8, and Arms.

As translated by Google, a statement on the studio's site said, "Bandai Namco Studio 2nd Studio/S Studio has been an in-house studio specializing in commissioned development projects…As a group of professionals who do not compromise on quality, we will continue to create titles of world standards."

The developer's site also shared statistics of its team, which said among its staff of 152, 32% are new graduates. Meanwhile, 22% of Studio 2 and Studio S's developers are women, and 78% are men.

Regarding Bandai Namco's recent business operations, it opened a new store in London.

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