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Toge Productions acquires Mojiken Studio

Indonesian-based studios recently worked together on A Space for the Unbound

Toge Productions has acquired Mojiken Studio, developers of A Space for the Unbound.

Sharing the news on X, Mojiken Studio will maintain its brand under the acquisition.

"After years of working together, we are happy to announce that Mojiken Studio has been acquired and has officially become part of Toge Productions," the publisher wrote. "The team has now grown even bigger and we are ready to create more games to bring to the world."

Toge Productions published Mojiken's adventure game A Space for the Unbound, released earlier this year.

"Our journey together as a developer and publisher has been built upon mutual trust, shared values, and dynamic teamwork," the developer wrote on social media.

Last year, A Space for the Unbound experienced a delay due to UK publisher PQube Games allegedly using Toge and Mojiken Studio's Indonesian heritage to receive a diversity grant.

Both studios had ended their publishing agreement with PQube, but alleged the publisher was "refusing to hand over publishing control on console platforms." The companies reached an agreement in October 2022.

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