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Uppercut scales back

EIC Ty Galiz-Rowe says gaming site will no longer update regularly citing burnout, underfunding, understaffing

One of indie gaming's prominent media voices is going to be significantly quieter going forward, as Uppercut editor-in-chief Ty Galiz-Rowe today announced the site is shutting down its Patreon and will stop regularly publishing new content.

"As much as I care about this work and want to continue it, the fact of the matter is I'm pretty much completely burnt out, disillusioned, and way understaffed and underfunded," they said. "I need to walk away for the time being for my own sake."

The site will remain up for now, but Uppercut will stop accepting pitches at the end of the month and "for the foreseeable future."

Galiz-Rowe said they may post occasionally, and the site's Indie Mixtape podcast will continue but it is looking for a new home.

"Thank you to everyone who supported me/us over the years. It has meant a ton to us and helped us to make at least a small impact during our time in operation," Galiz-Rowe said.

"Please support the small sites that are still around, like Into the Spine, Start Menu, DEEPHELL, no escape, and try to find others like them."

Uppercut is the latest casualty of a difficult year for gaming media of all sizes, with layoffs across a swath of publications and the closures of EGM Now, Waypoint, and the Washington Posts Launcher section.

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