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Meta reveals Oculus Publishing as Meta Quest Store revenues pass $1.5bn

The VR game division has financially supported more than 300 since its inception

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Meta has unveiled Oculus Publishing as the official name for its virtual reality publishing program.

The division will partner with studios to provide funding, production, and promotion services.

Oculus Publishing's naming comes nearly a decade after Oculus was acquired by Facebook in 2014.

The VR publishing unit has already funded over 300 games, including Among Us VR, Blade & Sorcery: Nomad, and Bonelab.

"It's amazing to see that there are now more than 500 titles available on the Meta Quest Store," said Oculus publishing head of content Aaron Davies.

"Over $1.5 billion has been spent on games and apps, with 40 titles grossing more than $10 million in revenue. Further, the number of titles at the $20 million mark has doubled year-over-year."

The news comes a month after Meta reported that its VR segment lost nearly $14 billion in 2022.

Last week the tech giant announced that it would be cutting 10,000 staff members by year's end.

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