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First annual Activision Blizzard DEI report: 26% of workforce are women or non-binary

Publisher reports 38% of staff come from underrepresented ethnic groups, both figures up 2% over 2021

Activision Blizzard has released its first annual Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Look-Back report, giving an insight into how the company's workforce looked by the end of 2022.

The report follows the publisher's 2021 commitment to, among other things, increase the percentage of women and non-binary employees by 50% over the course of five years.

This in itself was prompted by multiple lawsuits from US government bodies against the company over discrimination, abuse, gender pay disparity, and more.

In its first report, the company said that women, non-binary and people who identify as something else a little over 26% of its total workforce, while folks from underrepresented ethnic groups accounted for around 38%.

By comparison, women and non-binary employees represented 24% of staff in 2021, while underrepresented ethnic groups accounted for 36%.

The full report offers a deeper breakdown.

2022 gender representation

(Based on full-time employee self-identification)

Total workforce

Man: 73%
Woman: 25%
Non-binary: 1%
Something else: Less than 1%

By division

AB Corporate
Man: 52%
Woman, non-binary or something else:
48% (up from 47% in 2021)
Activision Publishing
Man: 80%
Woman, non-binary or something else:
20% (up from 17%)
Man: 75%
Woman, non-binary or something else:
25% (up from 22%)
Man: 65%
Woman, non-binary or something else:
35% (up from 34%)

Percentage of hires

Man: 68%
Woman: 29%
Non-binary: 2%
Something else: less than 1%

2022 Race and Ethnicity Representation

Total workforce (US)

White: 61%
Asian: 19%
Hispanic or Latinx: 9%
Two or more races: 6%
Black or African American: 4%
Native American or Alaska Native: less than 1%
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander: less than 1%

By division

AB Corporate
White: 48%
UEGs: 52% (up from 51% in 2021)
Activision Publishing
White: 62%
UEGs: 38% (up from 33%)
White: 64%
UEGs: 36% (up from 34%)
White: 39%
UEGs: 61% (up from 60%)

Percentage of hires (US)

White: 56%
Asian: 18%
Hispanic or Latinx: 11%
Two or more races: 8%
Black or African American: 6%
Native American or Alaska Native: less than 1%
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander: less than 1%

In a blog post offering more detail, including how Activision Blizzard is changing the way it records data to better identify different groups, the publisher's first chief diversity, equity and inclusion officer Kirsten Hines said she believes the firm has "taken meaningful steps" towards addressing the issues raised in 2021.

"Over the past year, we reframed how we think about DE&I," she wrote. "Diversity representation numbers are important… but it goes beyond just numbers. Every employee should feel seen, heard, and valued."

She continued: "We're working with teams globally to enact policies and encourage behaviours that create diverse, equitable, and inclusive environments. These environments are where our people will thrive, be their most innovative, and make the best games.

"With strong foundations set in 2022, we have the structure in place to work towards our goals and are excited to bring you along the journey with us."

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