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Job cuts hit Team17

The redundancies have been attributed to the publisher restructuring its business operations

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Staff layoffs have hit independent games label Team17.

Per Eurogamer, employees were advised in a meeting that redundancies were coming as the firm was moving to restructure its business operations.

In a statement sent to, a representative said, "Team17 games label has initiated a re-alignment of elements within its studio operating business model in order to better meet the needs of our development partners and growth of our owned IP.

"This could result in a small number of redundancies; however, we have a number of roles open across the group and will be encouraging and supporting any colleagues that wish to apply."

The news of the job cuts follows a year after a report detailing poor working conditions at the games firm from past and present employees.

As job cuts continue in the games industry, Amazon announced that it would be reducing its workforce by 9,000, which included more than 400 staffers from Twitch.

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