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Whynow Media acquires Wireframe Magazine, launches Whynow Gaming

Magazine's former editor Ryan Lambie on board to head up the new online editorial team

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Whynow Media has launched a new games website following its acquisition of Wireframe Magazine.

Previously owned and published by Raspberry Pi, monthly magazine Wireframe was shut down back in January, although the website remained.

InPublishing reported last month that Whynow Media has acquired the assets for Wireframe and brought the magazine's editor Ryan Lambie on board to launch a new games publication.

The publication is now live, entitled Whynow Gaming.

The site will feature the usual news, reviews and features expected of an online games publication, but will also publish material from Wireframe magazine.

"After weeks of hard work it’s great to get Whynow Gaming out into the world," said Lambie, who will serve as editor.

"The ethos of is to champion the arts and find the positive stories in the world of entertainment, and Whynow Gaming is no different. We don’t just review the games, we meet the people behind them too, and champion the industry that brings so much joy to so many people.”

Wireframe Magazine was unusual in that it not only wrote for games consumers, but also aspiring game developers, offering insight into how video games are made.

Lambie spoke to earlier this year about the magazine's journey and ambitions, as well as the road to its closure.

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