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Felony charges against Justin Roiland have been dismissed

The former Squanch Games CEO says he would like to focus on restoring his "good name"

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Domestic violence charges against Justin Roiland have been dropped.

As reported by Polygon, the case dismissal was attributed to "insufficient evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt."

The new comes months after the Squanch Games co-founder faced charges regarding a January 2020 incident with a partner he was dating.

Roiland took to Twitter to respond to the case being dropped.

In the statement he said, "I have always known that these claims were false, and I have had any doubt that this day would come."

The Rick and Morty co-creator added, "However, now that the legal case has ended, I'm determined to move forward and focus both on my creative projects and restoring my good name."

On January 18, he resigned as CEO of Squanch Games. Additionally, Adult Swim, the Rick and Morty TV program distributor, ended its association with Roiland.

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