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ESA: 48% of game players are female and 29% identify as people of color

Essentials report also says that the average of game players is 33-years-old & 83% of people play online with others

Today the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) said in a new report that 48% of people whom play games identify as female and 29% of game players are people of color.

The new 2022 Essential Facts report uses data from a survey of nearly 4,000 respondents conducted by the NPD Group.

It goes on to say that among those surveyed 52% were male.

With regards to the racial and ethnic breakdown of the respondents, 71% were white, 10% Hispanic, 8% Black, 7% Asian/Pacific Islander, and 3% identified as other.

The ESA said that the average age of video game players is 33-years-old.

By comparison, 2021's racial and demographic breakdown was that 73% of players were white, 9% Hispanic, 8% Black, 6% Asian/Pacific Islander, and 2% identified as other.

Last year's report also noted that the average age of people who play games was 31-years-old.

The 2022 report goes on to say said that 83% of surveyors said that they play with others online or in-person.

Additionally, it shared information on the playtime habits of its respondents.

People who play games for 3 hours or more made up 78%, while 53% said they spent 7 hours and up, and 22% said that they play 1 to 3 hours a week.

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