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AAA disappointment distracts from indie innovations | Podcast

Latest episode available to download now, reflects on this month's series of games showcases

The team gather around their mics and discuss the biggest news of the past week.

Naturally, this episode focuses on the various showcases that filled the void left by the absence of E3. From Starfield to The Plucky Squire and beyond, we dive into the highlights, lowlights and the impressions we got about where games are headed in the next year.

From a AAA standpoint, it was a largely underwhelming week, but has that hindered the many indie games shown off over the last two weeks?

If you haven't already, be sure to check out our extensive roundup of everything announced this month.

You can listen via the player below, download the episode here, or subscribe to our feed, available via Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Overcast, Player FM, TuneIn and other widely-used podcast platforms.

Title music composed by Thomas Marchant. Episode mastered by Alix Attenborough.

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