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EA issues Pride statement after employee pushback

Publisher clarifies its LGBTQ+ commitment and announces donations to various nonprofits

Today Electronic Arts has issued a statement during Pride month saying that it's united in support of its LGBTQ+ staff, consumers, and communities.

The post comes days after EA staffers originally threatened to walkout over the firm's lack of statements planned for Pride.

The walkout was called off after leadership said it wouldn't adopt a company-wide rainbow logo for the month, averting staff concerns of hypocritical rainbow-washing.

EA chief people officer Mala Singh said in the statement today, "I want to acknowledge the pain and fear that our LGBTQ+, specifically our Transgender community, is experiencing in light of emerging legislation in the US and the ongoing attacks on their human rights.

"We will continue to strive for a safe and supportive workplace, and as a leadership team, we want to be clear about what we stand for:

"As a company, we are united that Trans Rights are Human Rights. Women's Rights are Human Rights. Our support is unwavering for our people, our players, and our LGBTQ+ communities."

Singh opened the post clarifying her comments last week, saying that she didn't intend to imply that the company was diminishing its support of LGBTQ+ rights.

She continued and noted how the publisher has worked with organizations such as the ACLU, GLAAD, and the Human Rights Campaign over the years.

For the month of June, Singh announced that EA will be donating to these same nonprofits.

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