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Oculus VR: Touch games "need more time"

Jason Rubin has pointed to software as the reason the Rift's hand-tracked controllers won't launch until later this year

Oculus VR has staggered the launch of its Touch controllers due to a lack of software specifically designed for hand-tracked controls.

The fact that HTC Vive comes complete with wand controllers is one of the key differences between it and Oculus Rift, which ships with an Xbox One controller in the box. According to Oculus VR's Jason Rubin, Rift's launch line-up is "amazing" for that more traditional input device.

"Someone who gets [the Oculus Rift] has an incredible amount of stuff to do this year and flowing into next year," Rubin said in an interview with Polygon. "If I was launching a Touch product this month I wouldn't feel that way.

"Those are games that need more time. These games are ready. I can look them in the eye and say this is a full launch lineup."

Oculus has also made changes to its Store to ensure a more consistent flow of ideas and products. The new Concepts section is an evolution of Oculus Share, a venue for experiments and tech demos. The Early Access section is just what you'd expect, allowing in-development experiences to be released to the community to receive support and feedback.

The retail version of Oculus Rift started shipping yesterday, marking the start of high-end consumer VR. Palmer Luckey honoured the moment by hand-delivering the first pre-order in person. Unfortunately, his choice of footwear wasn't appropriate for Alaska at this time of year.

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