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NYC's eSports Hero raises $1m

Real money tournament platform also appoints new director

New York City eSports company eSports Hero has raised $1 million in seed round financing from eSports Mogul, an Australian based investment company specialising in eSports.

eSports Hero is a tournament platform that allows gamers to play for real money. According the the site's leaderboard one player has so far amassed $4160 from 626 wins. The company was founded in October 2014 by James Heldridge, previously the founder of Muscle Cuisine, and David Krbec and Christopher Gonsalves.

"ESH is capturing the enthusiasm around competitive gaming by offering players of all skill levels an outlet to show off their abilities to the millions of eSports fans around the world," said Heldridge.

"ESH has become a place for up-and-coming players who want to be recognized and a favorite destination for professional players such as Jab, Phonetap and KitKatz who are looking to expand their tournament play."

The company also announced the appointment of Andrew Schneider as co-founder, director and CXO.

"eSports is the most exciting thing to happen to games, entertainment and media," he said.

"The ESH team are core gamers and have a real passion for the sport. Together we are well positioned to create the most compelling and authentic experience for players worldwide."

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