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Romero, Avellone, Wester to speak at Digital Dragons

Leading Polish games conference will add a second venue this year as it continues expansion

Fredrik Wester, Chris Avellone, John Romero and Susan O'Connor will all speak at Digital Dragons, which will be held in Krakow, Poland in May this year.

The event's headline speakers will bring decades of experience and knowledge to Poland's leading games conference. As co-founder of id Software, John Romero was integral to the creation of some of the most influential games of all time. Chris Avellone was lead designer on the classic RPGs Fallout 2 and Planescape: Torment before co-founding Obsidian Entertainment in 2003. Susan O'Connor has worked as a writer on Bioshock, Far Cry 2 and Tomb Raider, among many others. And as CEO of Paradox Interactive, Frederick Wester leads one of the most distinctive publishers in the games industry today.

The schedule for Digital Dragons 2016 also reflects Poland's burgeoning development scene, featuring some of the country's leading games companies, and individuals who have found success elsewhere in the world. This local emphasis is supplemented by an indie game competition, which last year showcased the work of 16 developers.

Last year, more than 1100 people travelled to the Old Train Depot in Krakow's Kazimierz district, and Digital Dragons will be even bigger in 2016. A second venue, the Museum of Municipal Engineering, will be used for the conference, with the entirety of the Old Train Depot used as an exhibition space.

Digital Dragons 2016 takes place on May 16 and 17. For more information, follow the link. is a media partner for the Digital Dragons conference. Our travel and accommodation costs will be provided by the organiser.

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