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PS4 and Xbox One have sold 5.1 million units in the UK

Game Digital's data puts this generation 45 per cent ahead of PS3 and Xbox 360 at the same point

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have sold a combined total of 5.1 million units in the UK, according to data released by the retailer Game Digital.

If accurate, that means this generation of PlayStation and Xbox consoles is selling 45 per cent better than the last. At this point in the previous generation, two years on from launch, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 had only reached 3.5 million sales.

Those consoles have sold a combined 14.5 million units in the UK across an eight year period, according to Game Digital. PS4 and Xbox One have already surpassed a third of that, in less than a third of the time.

This is roughly in line with what we know about worldwide sales of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Only Sony is reporting hard sales figures on a regular basis, with the last count for PS4 being 35.9 million units. Microsoft, on the other hand, is generally speaking about other metrics, specifically those related to engagement with Xbox Live.

Instead, we have comments from well placed individuals like EA CFO Blake Jorgensen, who recently told investors that the company's estimate is, "55 million units out there, which has exceeded virtually everyone's forecast for the year, and now almost 50 per cent higher than previous console cycle."

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