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Twitch investing millions into Vainglory eSports

Three-year partnership with Super Evil Megacorp to grow championship series and supporting structures for mobile MOBA game

As eSports grows, Twitch and Super Evil Megacorp are determined to make sure it won't be limited to consoles and PCs. The two companies today announced a three-year partnership that will see each invest multiple millions of dollars into a Vainglory championship series and supporting activities.

"The eSports industry has been dominated by PC and console titles, but Vainglory is ushering in a new mobile games movement," Twitch director of eSports operations Nick Allen said. "The incredible engagement Vainglory has garnered on our platform is testament that our community welcomes the convergence of eSports and mobile gaming."

Under the deal, Twitch will dedicate a team to assist with running Vainglory competitions, create official eSports websites, and handle sponsorship and merchandise sales. It will also promote Vainglory streamers and broadcasts.

"We've been working closely with Twitch since even before the global launch of Vainglory, and their massive, wildly passionate gaming community has helped our game develop a loyal and growing following," Super Evil Megacorp COO and executive director Kristian Segerstrale said. "By working with Twitch in this new and expanded capacity, we're going to be able to bring our eSports programming to the next level and provide better and more frequent coverage to fans."

Earlier this month, the Vainglory Winter Championship saw more than 1.5 million views on Twitch. The Spring Championship season is just underway, with teams competing for an $80,000 prize pool.

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