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Ubisoft opening Rabbids Amusement Center

Publisher's first foray into family entertainment centers opens doors in Montreal this August

Ubisoft isn't expected to open its theme park until 2020, but the publisher isn't waiting that long to test the location-based entertainment waters. The publisher today announced the August opening of its first Rabbids Amusement Center in the West Island area of Montreal.

"Montreal stood out as the ideal city for testing the concept and launching a new type of amusement center," Ubisoft Canada managing director Olivier Ernst said. "It goes without saying that we're thrilled to develop this major project, right here at home, in Quebec."

Ernst added that the Rabbids brand has universal appeal and will make a solid foundation on which to build "a physical, accessible, and truly fun experience for the entire family."

Ubisoft has invested greatly in moving Rabbids away from its original status as a Rayman series spin-off and toward being a brand unto itself. Beyond the franchise's 14 million games sold in nearly a decade, it has also spawned a dedicated TV series.

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