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Gambitious looking for 50 new investors

"Gambitious is committed to respecting the investors"

Gambitious is looking for 50 new accredited investors from the US and EU via its investor portal.

"We are excited to introduce Gambitious and its great indie titles to a new group of investors," CEO Paul Hanraets.

"At Gambitious, we lead project financing and raise money from our growing investor network via our funding portal, offering investors the opportunity to invest right alongside us the publisher, at the same terms, ensuring that everyone involved has a fair and positive experience. Monies are paid out over milestones throughout development, just like any publisher or VC would do."

Gambitious launched in 2012 and was the first global crowdfunding platform built just for the games industry. Its publishing label, Gambitious Digital Entertainment, followed in 2014. Impressively, four of the first six titles Gambitious worked with returned a profit for investors within the first month of sales.

"Gambitious is committed to respecting the investors who are taking a chance on an indie project, which we feel is what is missing from crowdfunding thus far," said co-founder, Mike Wilson.

"Our investors get repaid out of first monies, before the publisher or the developer, and each project is treated as its own business case, thoroughly researched as to true costs to reach the market and managed through its lifecycle by publishing professionals to ensure the best outcome for all involved."

The company also revealed that it was currently examining opportunities to accept non-accredited investors from the US "as the JOBS Act Title III regulatory guidelines become clearer."

For more on Gambitious check out our recent interview with Wilson here.

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