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Digital-only Xbox Series X is one of three new models launching this holiday

White version of 1TB Series S and 2TB Series X also coming to "select markets" by the end of the year

Microsoft has announced three new models of its Xbox Series consoles will launch this holiday season, including an all-digital Series X.

The devices were announced towards the end of today's Xbox Games Showcase, part of the usual array of summer presentations from various publishers in the void previously filled by E3.

Announced by Xbox president Sarah Bond, the most interesting is the digital-only white Xbox Series X, which drops the disc drive found in the standard model and follows rumours of an all-digital remodel of Microsoft's high-end device. It will retail for $449.99/€499.99.

Also on the way is a new special edition black Series X with 2TB of storage (an increase of the usual 1TB) for $599.99/€649.99, and a white version of the 1TB Series S (previously only available in black) for $349.99/€349.99

The three models will launch in "select markets" by the end of the year, said Bond. She also reiterated that Microsoft is "hard at work on the next generation" of its Xbox consoles.

In an Xbox Wire post, Microsoft has said it will release more information on market availability and regional estimated retail prices "in the coming months" when it announces pre-order details.

Word of a digital-only Series X and a white 1TB Series S first spread last year after court documents from Microsoft vs FTC revealed plans for mid-gen refreshes for both Xbox consoles.

These documents showed that the new models would have enhanced functionality and the Series X refresh would have a cylindrical design, and that both would launch in 2024. It is unclear whether any of this new functionality will be present in the new models when they arrive this year.

Today's showcase unveiled new titles such as Gears 6, Doom: The Dark Ages, Dragon Age: The Veilguard, and State of Decay 3, as well as offering a better look at Perfect Dark, Fable, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, Call of Duty Black Ops 6 and more.

You can catch up with our full roundup here.

Correction: This article previously mixed up the prices of the 1TB white Series S and the 2TB Series X. This has been corrected.

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