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New publishing label Unikat launches

Founded by Michal Napora, publisher's first releases include Tensori's Pools and Void Within's Dystopika

Games marketing veteran Michal Napora has announced a new publishing label, Unikat.

Based in Perth, Unikat aims to support independent developers "who create unique and minimal games," with Tensori's liminal exploration title Pools and Voids Within's upcoming cyberpunk city builder Dystopika already on its roster.

Napora is the founder and CEO of marketing agency 32-33, and has worked with studios including Bloober Team, Techland, and Frogwares.

"For the last year, I've noticed a shift in our industry – in what players play, how they behave and buy, how players and devs want to be treated, how our industry treats them, and what games can actually be," said Napora.

"It feels like there is a new wave coming, a new wave of ideas, patterns, behaviours, and expectations. I feel that this change is a great thing. However, new changes cannot be supported by old industry habits."

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