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Epic Games Store and Fortnite coming to iOS in Japan next year

Follows the passing of new competition law in Japan

Epic Games has announced that the Epic Games Store and Fortnite will be available on iOS in Japan in late 2025.

This follows the passing of a law in Japan, similar to the European Union's Digital Markets Act, that will allow third party app stores on the App Store.

Originally proposed by a government panel last June, the law won't come into effect until later next year, as reported by Apple Insider.

The law will require Apple and Google to allow users to download third-party app stores onto its platforms, and provide alternative payment systems.

"Fortnite will now return to iOS in Japan and UK next year, and EU this year," Epic CEO Tim Sweeney commented on social media. "This is a new free world, from the point of view of app developers and users."

The EU will be the first territory to see the Epic Games Store and Fortnite on iOS devices, which will launch sometime this year and will be operated by Epic Games Sweden.

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