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Report: Apple facing $1bn daily fines over alleged DMA breaches

Firm says it's "confident" its policies comply with the European Commission's legislation

Apple is reportedly facing $1 billion in daily fines from the European Commission over breaches of its Digital Markets Act.

This is according to a report by the Financial Times, which alleged that the EU Commission had deemed Apple not to be complying with its DMA legislation.

If found guilty, the EU Commission could fine Apple with daily fines reaching 5% of the firm's average daily turnover, which is over $1 billion.

Earlier this year, Apple announced a change in its policies to comply with the DMA which allowed the use of alternative app stores and payment systems on its platform.

These policies also included the addition of a "core technology fee", which would see developers pay €0.50 for each install of an app per year after the first install for apps distributed via the App Store and alternative storefronts.

"We're confident our plan complies with the DMA," Apple said in an earlier statement. "We'll continue to constructively engage with the EU Commission as they conduct their investigations."

In March, the EU Commission began an investigation into Google, Meta, and Apple for potential DMA infringements, with Apple being investigated for steering on its App Store.

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