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Xbox tech leaders to close our GI Sprint series next week

Haiyan Zhang and Brady Woods to discuss the opportunities of AI and cloud

Image credit: (Left to right) Haiyan Zhang and Brady Woods

Xbox leaders in AI and cloud will be our final keynote session for GI Sprint next week.

Haiyan Zhang, general manager of Gaming AI at Xbox, and Brady Woods, product leader at Xbox Game Creator Services, will discuss how the latest technology can help game developers build their games better and more efficiently.

The session will be available to view online, listen as a podcast or read as an article on on Wednesday, July 3rd.

GI Sprint is our a new editorial series, featuring video panels, podcasts, interviews, articles and more on the subject of making video games 'cheaper, faster and better'.

In the face of rising development costs, we've spoken to an array of experts about a range of subjects that will help studios improve the efficiency of their businesses and development processes. This special will run until Friday, July 5.

We kicked the series off last week with an interview featuring games veteran and former PlayStation boss Shawn Layden, who discussed the unsustainability of AAA video games and why it needs rethinking. We have also spoken to IO Interactive CTO Ulas Karademir on his return to the Hitman studio and the opportunities offered by having in-house tech.

We also hosted a panel on the art of failing fast, featuring Rami Ismail, FreeLives' Dominique Gawlowski and Ant Workshop's Tony Gowland. While we also featured a standalone piece with Gowland on developing shorter games.

This week, we have a video panel on how AI can (and cannot) speed up development. King's AI lead Sahar Asadi will share with us her experience of using the technology with Candy Crush, while Team Sync's Graham McAllister will tell us why the concept stage is the most important one to get right when it comes to team efficiency.

Then next week, we have videos, podcasts and articles covering topics such as hybrid working, the advantages of a lean team, and more. You can see the full schedule here.

We will conclude the event with a White Paper collating all the articles in one place, and it's free to download.

Various sponsorship packages are available for GI Sprint, for both this even and our next one. Contact for more details.

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