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Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree is Bandai Namco's "most ambitious" expansion launch

Publisher says it has marketed DLC as it would a brand new title, expects "significant impact" on sales of base game

Bandai Namco says the marketing campaign behind Elden Ring's Shadow of the Erdtree expansion is "unparalleled in its scale" and the publisher's "most ambitious" for DLC to date.

Shadow of the Erdtree launches tomorrow and adds a new map with additional dungeons and bosses, extends the story, and features a range of improvements to the RPG elements.

Speaking to, Bandai Namco Europe's chief marketing and sales officer Anthony Macare said the company's anticipation for this launch has been "sky high."

"We envision Shadow of the Erdtree as a monumental milestone," he said. "It’s not merely an expansion; it’s the largest FromSoftware [expansion] ever crafted, transcending the traditional scope of downloadable content."

He added that the size of Shadow of the Erdtree "rivals the scope of a standalone game," which has driven Bandai Namco's approach to its launch.

"Recognising the significance of this release, we’ve approached the marketing of this expansion with the same vigour and commitment as we would for a brand-new title," he said. "From the initial announcement to the release, we’ve allocated a substantial budget and resources to ensure the campaign’s impact matches the content’s quality.

"This campaign is unparalleled in its scale and by far our most ambitious for an expansion."

Far from being a digital-only release like most expansions, Bandai Namco has prepared "multiple physical and digital editions," including a premium collector's edition, to make a splash at retail.

Macare also expects the launch to "make a significant impact" on sales of Elden Ring, observing that Bandai Namco has already seen a surge in the number of active players in the run-up to Shadow of the Erdtree.

He added the active player count has "reached new heights," and that it's not just the game's early adopters but a wave of new players as well.

"Ultimately, we consider ourselves fortunate that our audience is willing to set aside their other engagements – and not just other video games – to re-immerse themselves in the extraordinary universe FromSoftware crafted once again," he said.

Finally, he addressed a recent PC Gamer report that less the half of Elden Ring's audience on Steam had beaten the boss required to start Shadow of the Erdtree.

"That statistic... does present a unique challenge," he said. "However, with over 25 million units sold, even a fraction of our player base constitutes a substantial audience. Our marketing efforts have been tailored to engage this significant segment effectively."

He added that Bandai Namco believes the expansion's release will be a "powerful motivator" for players to finish the required parts of the game.

"The journey to the DLC is as much a part of the adventure as the content itself, and we’re excited to see players rise to the challenge."

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